About Us

Our journey started with an idea, to do something prosperous, and that idea gave birth to Autotekk. Originating from INDIA, Autotekk best translates to let us be. Operationally, brand Autotekk exists in the world of Bike spare parts. Here, it is a call for prosperity of buyers, sellers, makers, and brands - the collective well being.

When we came into existence in 2014, our team had a very clear aim of becoming India's largest online marketplace for bike spare parts, and today, after almost 6 years of immense hard work, countless hours of dedicated efforts, and over 50,000 active users a month, we can proudly say that we are country's largest online marketplace for bike spare parts and the first choice for anyone looking to buy bike spare parts online. But we still have a long way to go and believe us when we say, WE HAVE NO PLANS TO STOP !

With an enormous database of 1 million unique bike spare parts, our customers get the freedom to order spare parts for their vehicle with just a few clicks and get them delivered to their doorstep. That's not all, here is more that we offer to ensure 100% customer satisfaction:

  • High quality OEM and aftermarket spare parts of over 3000 national and international brands.
  • Free access to part catalogues of all major OEM brands.
  • Regular discounts and free delivery offers every week.
  • Customer friendly return policy.
  • Dedicated support team to help you find the exact compatible parts for your bikes.

Our mission is to transform India's bike spare parts industry to make it more transparent and dynamic for the customers, sellers, and brands. We aim to change the way you think about the automobile service industry by providing a platform to cater to your spare part needs with just a few clicks.

We are an
“Indian Company Operating for Indian Customers Only”
We pursue our goal in line with our values!
  1. Accountability

    Everyone’s responsibility is a condition of a sustainable environment.

  2. High Quality

    Only continuous attention to the smallest details makes the great product.

  3. Collaboration

    Our suppliers, clients and employees are partners which rely on each other.

  4. Innovation

    We strive to introduce fresh ideas to bring the best experience for users.

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