(TBD) Speedometer




Make sure your Aprilia scooter has all of the original spare parts it needs with the trusted Aprilia Speedometer!

It provides you with clear and precise speed information in both digital and analogue modes.

This is the perfect spare part for your Aprilia scooter, helping you stay up to date with all your mileage and speed data; ensuring your ride is always running smoothly.

Compatible with the latest automotive technologies and standards, the Aprilia Speedometer provides a reliable and accurate reading on speed and distance, giving you the peace of mind you need for a smooth ride.

Get the Speedometer for Aprilia Scooter now! This top quality spare part is a must have for any Aprilia scooter.

Are all your spare parts high quality?

YES, Our spare parts are sourced from trusted suppliers in the automotive industry, so you can be sure to have an original, high-quality product. Moreover, we offer a range of spare parts for Aprilia scooters, so you can maintain your ride and enjoy the freedom of the open roads.

How do I use my speedometer on an Aprilia scooter?

Properly utilizing the speedometer on an Aprilia scooter is an important safety measure and should be undertaken with due care. To do so, you must ensure that your scooter's ignition is off and then locate the measuring unit's display at the front of the vehicle. Once located, it is necessary to press down on a button near the meter which will display speed and distance units in km/h or mph depending on your preference. Finally, you must adjust the scales of the display to match your desired maximum speed before driving safely. By following these steps, you can use your speedometer to better monitor your speed and maintain safe levels while riding on an Aprilia scooter.

I couldn't be happier with the quality of the parts that AUTOTEKK provided for my two wheeler. Great prices too!

This speedometer is great way to increase functionality of you scooter.