Lamp Assy, Rear Comb


Access New Model


Tail light is one of the crucial part of lighting system on any vehicle. Tail light are also called as Tail lamp and backlights.

These are the red lights at the rear of a Bike or scooter that light up whenever the headlights are on.

Tail lights are helpful make a bike or scooter visible for the vehicle behind it as it is located at the rear end of vehicle.

This Two Wheeler Spare Part which is Tail lamp is for Suzuki Access New Model Bike which is very durable and also of premium quality.

Are Tail Lights Important?

Yes it is important spare part as Tail Lights indicate to the drivers behind you several different thing - they tell a driver whether you are turning, preparing to stop, stopped or backing up.

How many lumens is good for a scooter light?

300-1000 Lumens As it should be bright and perfect for people to see the road ahead of them and make sure other drivers can see the scooter.

This works great! As it is geniune product so the quality is best.

I experienced great customer service and the issue was resolved in a timely manner.